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Coaching Services

Wise Owl Wordsmithing provides high-quality coaching services for academic and professional writers.


Academic coaching is designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students, whether working on a term paper, a master’s thesis, or a doctoral dissertation.

Professional coaching is aimed to assist those writing for business or professional purposes navigate the obstacles of the writing process, such as writer's block. 


Client success and satisfaction are core values for Wise Owl Wordsmithing.  As such, each client is offered personalized services that are designed to optimize the client’s success in achieving their writing goals.


Coaching services are billed at an hourly rate. Student rates available.


To discuss your specific coaching needs or to book an appointment, please contact Marianne via phone (250-960-8513) or email ( 



Wise Owl Wordsmithing respects the confidentiality of research, business/organizational information, and original creative work.  Client work and personal information (name, address, email, number, etc.) will never be made available to a third party without the written authorization of the client.  Upon request, a confidentiality agreement can be signed before you submit your work.