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Wise Owl Wordsmithing was founded by Marianne Sprague in 2016. After years of providing academic writing support to university students and academics, Marianne is now offering a variety of services to support her clients at every stage of their writing journey.

Wise Owl Wordsmithing delivers editing, document, coaching, and consulting services that are tailored to each client’s goals and needs. Whether you’re a student or a scholar, working for a business or organization, or an aspiring or published author, Wise Owl Wordsmithing’s services can help take your work to the next level.

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Meet Marianne

Freelance Editor and Collaborator

Founder of Wise Owl Wordsmithing, Marianne Sprague truly enjoys a supportive and collaborative approach to her work with clients, tailoring her services to best meet the needs and goals of each client.

Building upon an extensive post-secondary experience – including a BA Business and Economics (2002) and a BA First Nations Studies (2008) from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and an MA Economics (2003) from McMaster University – and more than nine years of providing academic writing support to students at UNBC by way of coaching and essay/thesis editing, Marianne created Wise Owl to offer a variety of document-related services to a broader audience. Whether it’s helping a student with the academic writing process, supporting an entrepreneur writing a business plan, or editing a manuscript, Wise Owl services are personalized for each client and their project. 

Marianne was also featured in a post for West Coast Editor in February 2020. 

My Approach

People expect high-quality writing that is clear, concise, and well organized. Whether your document is academic, professional, or personal in nature, I can help take your writing to the next level and ensure effective communication with your target audience, providing you with an objective assessment of your work and identifying opportunities for improving the quality, clarity, and effectiveness of your message delivery.

Review Process

Document changes and editor comments are tracked electronically, as well as corrections to spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Improvements to the flow of your paper will be made, eliminating any awkward sentences or phrasing, and ensuring that the writing is clear and concise while meeting your specific formatting requirements. Comments will be left for the client in order to provide further guidance and insight.

Unique Framework

Client success and satisfaction are the core values of my business, which is why I offer a unique coaching framework for my clients.  Sometimes as writers, we need more than just spellchecks and edits, we need support and guidance at different stages of our writing journeys.  From idea creation, to outline, to final product, Wise Owl’s unique coaching framework is the perfect supplement to add on to your document and editing services.

My Commitment to You

My objective is to offer a welcoming, respectful, and safe environment for us to collaborate while providing you with exceptional services that support the achievement of your goals.

I commit to

– welcoming diverse perspectives with a willingness to learn and grow,
– honouring the privacy of the information you share with me,
– being responsive to your needs,
– being honest, forthcoming, and reliable,
– continuing my professional development journey, and
– actively seeking feedback on my work.


I expect my services to be equally accessible to all people, regardless of race, religion, gender, orientation, or ability. I am always learning, so please inform me if I make an error in how I communicate or interact with you or others. If you make use of assistive devises, alternate methods of communication, a support person, or a service animal, I am happy to adapt to best meet each individual’s needs.

 Feedback, Complaints, and Compliments

I welcome feedback on my services. Please tell me how I’m doing – what’s working and how I can improve.
My work should be of exceptional quality, with a high attention to detail and virtually error-free. However, I am only human. I will gladly rewrite or re-edit material that does not meet your expectations.
Contact me at Marianne@wiseowlwordsmithing.ca.

What my clients are saying…

“I can honestly say that the work put in by Marianne and her enduring support for my project brought it to fruition. My thesis started as a compilation of four different concepts and the Wise Owl herself guided me to the finished project, which I am so proud of. This was my first experience with an editor, but I would advise anyone with less than intimate knowledge of APA format to at least consult with Marianne, an APA guru in her own right. Marianne is personable, flexible, and open-minded to working with any and all writing concepts.” 


MSW Graduate & Satisfied Client

“Thanks greatly to Marianne Sprague for a thorough and thoughtful editorial review of this completed work.” 


Dissertation Client

“I found Wise Owl Wordsmithing comprehensive, efficient, and succinct. Marianne was quick to reply and got the job done on time. A small price to pay for a quality service.”


Thesis Client

Contact Me

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Send me a message or book a free  consultation. I’d love to hear from you!

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