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People expect high-quality writing that is clear, concise, and well organized. All written work should be reviewed before it is finalized for consumption by the end-user – your audience. When working closely with your material, it can be difficult to see gaps or errors in what you have written. An editor can provide you with an objective assessment of your work and identify opportunities for improving the quality, clarity, and effectiveness of your message delivery.

Editing involves carefully reviewing material before it is published and suggesting or making changes to correct or improve it. The editor must communicate clearly and tactfully with all team members, and clearly mark and convey changes, suggestions, and directions. In all cases, the editor should strive to make all changes without altering intended meaning or introducing errors.

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Whether your document is academic, professional, or personal in nature, Wise Owl Wordsmithing can help take your writing to the next level. Want to ensure you’re communicating with your audience effectively? Book a consultation to discuss your project. 

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Invest In Your Success

Editing services are charged per 1,000 words (rounded to the nearest 100 words after the first 1,000). The rate per 1,000 words is determined by the length of the document, the client’s time frame, Wise Owl’s schedule, and the type of editing needed. For example, a long document with a short timeframe will be subject to a higher rate. Every client is given the fairest rate possible based on their particular editing needs.  

Payments can be made via e-transfer or Square (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Please discuss any alternative payment methods with me before work commences. 


Wise Owl Wordsmithing respects the confidentiality of research, business or organizational information, and original creative work. Client work and personal information (name, address, email, number, etc.) will never be made available to a third party without the written authorization of the client. Upon request, a confidentiality agreement can be signed before you submit your work.

Academic Integrity

Wise Owl Wordsmithing will not write essays for student clients. The goal is to assist students in the educational process to effectively communicate their own ideas by identifying opportunities to enhance and improve their written work. Clients are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and validity of their data, research, and interpretations. When referencing information from an outside source, the client must acknowledge the actual source from which the information was obtained and original quotes must be denoted as such. All references must be cited appropriately and in accordance with the style guide applicable to the work in question.  Plagiarism is unacceptable, and Wise Owl Wordsmithing does not endorse the usurpation of another’s effort. 

How Do I Know If It’s Right For Me?

My objective is to offer clients the services they need to achieve their goals. Whether it’s for personal, professional, or academic reasons, Wise Owl services always begin with a conversation so I can learn more about your project and we can decide on the best course of action.  If my services or schedule are not compatable with your projects, goals, or timeline, I will let you know. I will never sell you services you don’t need, nor those I am unable to deliver effectively in a timely manner.

  • Personalized services
  • Working 1 on 1 with every client
  • Invested in your success

Additional Services

Document Services

Document services range from basic document formatting to collaborating on the creation of a document. Resumés, business plans, journal articles, manuscripts, reports, and more.


View the resources page for helpful FAQ’s, articles, and links for support throughout your writing journey. 

Coaching & Consulting Services

Personalized coaching & consulting services to meet your unique needs in achieving your writing goals. (e.g., the academic writing process, navigating writers block, crafting an effective presentation). 

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